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Payroll World Magazine (PW)

Payroll World


Payroll World is a full-colour monthly magazine that provides a comprehensive and reliable news summary and a detailed analysis of the latest payroll and HR events.


Experts guide you through the most significant industry developments, legislation and case law, while in-depth articles help you resolve technical difficulties with PAYE, NICs, SSP, SMP, P11D completion and much more.


Payroll World Magazine provides information that payroll and HR professionals need to keep ahead of any major changes and to make the right decisions for their employees.


  • Practical, informative and up-to-date articles 
  • Readers' questions answered by payroll experts 
  • Regular profiles of Payroll and HR professionals
  • Latest Payroll and HR industry news.


Employer's Pay and Benefits Manual



This work provides practical guidance to employers and payroll managers in order to protect, prepare and guide them in relation to accounting for tax and National Insurance contributions during the tax year and reporting and qualifying certain expenses and non-cash benefits after the year end.


The subject matter includes: 


  • A to Z of benefits and expenses, allowing the book to be used as a day-to-day reference guide on tax and NICs treatment of common benefits and expenses 
  • General and specific aspects of benefits and expenses, including administration, recording and reporting of details and obtaining dispensations from HMRC 
  • Compliance with income tax and National Insurance requirements on benefits and expenses issues 
  • Preparing for, conducting, and settling HMRC audits of employers' pay and benefits systems 
  • Selected extracts from HMRC Manuals as well as relevant Statements of Practice, Extra-Statutory Concessions and Codes of Practice 
  • Comprehensive tables of rates including tax, NI, authorised mileage rates and official rates of interest etc. Essential guidance and assistance for the busy personnel manager, tax manager, finance director and payroll manager. Four updates per year

Essential guidance and assistance for the busy personnel manager, tax manager, finance director and payroll manager.



National Insurance Contributions





Widely regarded as the 'Bible' of NIC law, this comprehensive guide will answer in depth virtually every point or query put to you for compliance, planning or NIC mitigation purposes.


With the continuing alignment of National Insurance contributions with Income Tax it's more important than ever that you are aware of the full implications of changes, amongst the content in this year's annual is: further Pensions Act 2007 coverage and Finance Act 2008 NICs implications; National Insurance Contributions Act 2008 and increased UEL effects of Upper Accrual Point on contracting out, maximum liability, etc.; and further consultation on 'alignment'.


All other new legislative and case law commentary will of course be included.


Tolley's National Insurance Contributions is written in an easy-to-read style and with numerous worked examples. This is the practical book for the busy practitioner or accountant in commerce who needs full, accurate and authoritative answers in a hurry.











Payroll Key Series

Key Series


Regular and concise briefing booklets on current payroll topics, from Home Computer initiative to Employing Employees from Abroad and the New Pensions Tax Regime.


Key Series issues:


  1. Treatment of Travel and Subsistence Expenses 
  2. Flexible Benefits 
  3. Expatriate Employees: Income Tax and Social Security
  4. The European Data Protection Directive 
  5. The Working Time Directive 
  6. Unlawful Deductions from Wages 
  7. The National Minimum Wage 
  8. Statutory Rights to Time off Work 
  9. Employment Relations Act 
  10. Working Families' Tax Credits 
  11. Stakeholder Pensions 
  12. Employee Share Plans 
  13. National Insurance 
  14. Company Car Taxation 
  15. Unfair Dismissal Developments 
  16. IR35 and the Supply of Personal Services 
  17. Termination Payments 
  18. Repayment of Student Loans 
  19. Developments in Discrimination Law 
  20. Salary Sacrifice 
  21. The Employment Act 2002 – Introduction 
  22. Small Employers 
  23. A guide to workplace laws aimed at parents and families 
  24. Electronic Exchange 
  25. Working Tax Credit 
  26. Pension Credit 
  27. Tax Exemptions and Deductions 
  28. Data Protection – An Update 
  29. Stakeholder Pensions 
  30. Employer Supported Childcare 
  31. Home Computer Initiative(HCI) 
  32. Employing Employees from Abroad 
  33. The New Pensions Tax Regime 
  34. Salary Sacrifice Updated 
  35. National Insurance Procedures and Anomalies 
  36. Employing and Employee From Abroad - An Update 
  37. Dispensations and PAYE Settlement Agreements 
  38. Directors 
  39. In Year and End of Year Online Filling 
  40. Update on Working Time Regulations 
  41. Irish Payroll 
  42. In Year Online Filling of Starters and Leaver Information 
  43. The Construction Industry Scheme 
  44. Preventing Illegal Working 
  45. Attachments and Arrestments


Payroll Fact File


Fact File



The Payroll Fact File provides practical information on every aspect of payroll procedures in an easy-to-read looseleaf format. It takes a procedural approach to the subject, with many worked examples, checklists and flow charts provided throughout to help you work logically through all your payroll queries.


There are many situations when you need to know the law as it relates to pay and benefits.


You may need to assess the implications of an employee using a company car or to calculate the remuneration owing to a pregnant employee. Whatever the query, it is at times like these when you should turn to the hands-on guidance of the Payroll Fact File, to ensure you are carrying out the correct procedures and calculations.


  • Regular, comprehensive updates 
  • Checklists, tables and flow charts 
  • Numerous worked examples

The Payroll Fact File is designed to keep those engaged in payroll and related tasks updated with ever-changing legislation and payroll procedures.

The cost of your annual subscription includes six updates per year.