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Running a successful payroll is one of the biggest challenges facing any business, but you can reduce the amount of work involved at a stroke by joining Payroll Alliance.

The rules and regulations governing payroll become more complex and time consuming to implement by the day.

We offer four different levels of membership to suit the needs of everyone from SME’s to FTSE 100’s and sole practitioners running client payrolls right up to national payroll bureau.

Payroll Alliance membership will improve your knowledge, allow you to access essential resources, both on and offline and assist you in running an efficient payroll department.



Payroll Alliance offers individual memberships for graduates of Payroll Alliance qualifications (certificate and diploma). Graduates who have attained their qualifications with another provider can also join subject to a one off registratrion fee.

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What is included in the membership fee?


  • Expert Payroll Helpdesk - Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm
  • Working Meetings - two free places during spring and autumn
  • Payroll World Magazine - published monthly
  • Payroll Fact File - updated six times a year
  • Payroll Key Series
  • NIC handbook
  • Access to online forum
  • Discounts on Payroll Alliance courses and distance learning
  • Discounts on payroll recruitment and temps with industry partners

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Working Meetings

Two free places at Working Meetings twice each year are included with all levels of corporate membership.

You can benefit from the knowledge and experience of a wide range of speakers who will cover varied topical payroll related issues.


Expert Payroll Helpdesk

Our Helpdesk is staffed with payroll professionals with many years of practical experience. They are there to assist you when you need extra clarification or expert guidance on a point of law or procedure.



“ Please pass on my praise to the staff on the Technical Help Desk – I have had cause to ring a few times recently and the staff are not only experts, they are very good communicators!
They are always very pleasant to talk to. So thank you – and them!”
Vera White, London Borough of Newham