Edexcel Annual Report

"Assessor feedback to learners is excellent and of consistent high quality. Assessors indicate what went well, what is in need of improvement and suggest ways of acheiving this; comments are always upbeat and encouraging.

Feedback is printed on an Assessment Report form detailing areas for improvement by assignment task."

Edexcel Annual Report


Technical Help Desk

"Please pass on my praise to the staff on the Technical Help Desk - I have had cause to ring a few times recently and the staff are not only experts, they are very good commincators!

They are always very pleasant to talk to. So thank you - and them!"

Vera White, London Borough of Newham

In-House Training

"Our experience of in-house training has been very positive. It has allowed us to tailor the sessions to cover issues that are affecting us, with the added convenience of still being close to the office should any urgent issues arise.

Everyone looks forward to the day and it is a part of their personal development and we ask them to contribute subjects to be included in the course.

Brad was brilliant with his professional approach, his vast knowledge and experience made it an enjoyable day.

Our aim is to continue with the training every year as the benefits far outweigh the cost."

Colin Turner, Payroll Accounting Manager FSC Payroll Services,
Transport for London


Advanced Diploma


"I signed up for the Advanced Diploma in Payroll Management and immediately felt quite daunted by the task ahead, especially as it had been nearly nine years since I previously studied.


The student workshops were great and really helped me to formulate an outline plan for the assignments as well as providing useful literature that I referred to again and again when writing the reports and case studies.


The Writing for Results guidance was invaluable and has changed the way I write on a daily basis.


The Payroll Alliance team were very supportive and I referred to the Student Helpline on many occasions to check that my understanding of a particular requirement was correct.


Guidance was always clear and it was reassuring to learn I was on the right track.


Completing the Advanced Diploma has been a challenging but worthwhile experience and the skills and knowledge that I gained have already been put to good use at work.”
Arron Burgess PA(Dip)Mgt


Working Meetings

"For all busy payroll professionals out there these meetings are an absolute must both for updates and networking.


Even with over 25 years of payrolling behind me there are always items new and old to review, air and share."

Colin Frith, GHG